Graphic Design

Here you can find previous works in desktop publishing, web graphics, print graphics, 2D animation, etc.


Information Graphics for Print

Information Graphics - Sistema de Salud en Chile (in Spanish)

This is a pretty big poster to be printed at approximately 3×2 feet. I have always liked information graphics and information design. Plus, this gave me the opportunity to work in a 2D vector isometric perspective, which I had a blast doing. The huge size allowed me to get a lot of detail into this, take a look at some detail close ups:

Information Graphics - Sistema de Salud - Detail 01   Information Graphics - Sistema de Salud - Detail 02   Information Graphics - Sistema de Salud - Detail 06

Information Graphics - Sistema de Salud - Detail 05   Information Graphics - Sistema de Salud - Detail 04   Information Graphics - Sistema de Salud - Detail 03

The poster aims to make evident the differences between Chile’s two health systems, private and public. It is a little exagerated, but its purpose was to attract and alarm, so I took creative license in that regard.

To appreciate the detail and read the text (in spanish) you can download in pdf here: PDF – Information Graphics – Sistema de Salud



Narrative Information Graphics

These are part of a narrative information graphics piece for print. The objective was to illustrate a passage from the bible, a cross between information graphics and storybook illustration. TheThe black and white color scheme, geometric shapes and characters and risqué depictions were chosen to create an innovative take on a traditional story.



Now, some logos I have created:

Logo - Abyss

Concept lingerie brand.

Logo - Kult

Retro, cult and anti-establishment t-shirt brand.

Logo - Gleamshivers

This is the title for a short animaton I made several years ago. The general look was dark and gloomy, in a Tim Burton kind of way. I made this logo, with its tall letters and art nouveau ornaments, to reflect the gothic nature of the setting.




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