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I am a designer from Santiago, Chile currently residing in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I graduated from Universidad Católica’s Integral Design university program in Santiago. Unlike most design degrees, this program breaks the usual designer molds of graphic/web/industrial and instead allows the student to incorporate different areas of design into their curriculum. This allowed me to become a multidisciplinary designer, and embrace areas such as product design, interfaces and interaction, new media, technological innovation and social media. This broader perspective has led me to take on projects from many different fields; I have worked freelance,  for design firms, internet marketing agencies and even a major airline. I seek not to confine myself to a single discipline. Instead, I strive towards a broader outlook which I may then integrate into my designs in hopes of offering richer, more comprehensive results.

My main focus and interest lies with technology and the design, development and marketing of the products and services involved. Not just the objects themselves, but the theory and concept behind their functionality, the overall experience and the future, ever looking to what comes next. As a huge technology enthusiast I keep myself up to date with the latest advances and trends in the industry and firmly believe in and strive for improved solutions and technological development. I love consumer electronics, the videogame industry, cartoons, good industrial design and human-computer interaction. I hope to someday find my place somewhere between these things.

Lately I have found myself working in projects involving technology consulting, events and experience design, Web 2.0 marketing strategies, branding and blogging. My free time is dedicated to eating and breathing the latest news on technology.

You can contact me and/or request my resume at:



A word about this blog: I maintain this website as my current design portfolio. Here you will find examples of my past work, musings, opinions and ideas that cross my head. All images in this blog have been worked on by me. Some, such as freehand drawings, photographs, 3D and vector graphics have been completely created by me from the ground up. But in others, such as photo manipulations, the original image or subject is not necessarily of my creation and I do not claim to be their designer. I try to be clear when such is the case.

Please feel free to wander about and comment. I hope my ramblings amuse you.



Cristobal Negrete

(Bilingual; Native spanish speaker also fluent in english. TOEIC english score of 980 out of 990 points. TOEFL iBT english score of 114 out of 120 points. Feel free to contact me in either language).


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I read your stylish HMD article,& work for a tech company
that has it’s fingers in immersion technologies.

would you be interested in a commercial endeavor if a business network could be opened?

I would enjoy correspondence.

Best regards,
Todd Livingstone

Comment by Todd Livingstone

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