Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology similar to virtual reality. It is the insertion of digital elements to the real world. These elements are generally 3D objects which through various systems appear in the correct perspective in relation to their surroundings. They must be viewed through some kind of display,  from monitors to personal head mounted devices. Eventually, we will be able to interact directly with these digital objects in the real world.

For an extended explanation of AR, take a look at this article from “How Augmented Reality Will Work”

In december 2006 I presented my senior thesis on “A Study of Augmented Reality and its Applications to the Field of Design”. The whole study, plus a reference appendix and an instruction manual is available for loan at the library of Universidad Católica, University where with this project I earned my prefessional degree. You can now also download the PDF at the bottom of this page.

Here are some examples of the type of tests I did with this technology:

AR - 01

AR - 02

AR - 05

AR - 06

AR - 08

All these examples were generated using visual markers through the ARToolkit software.

The thesis project as a whole is made up of three different sections: The main research, an appendix with supplemental information, and a second, shorter appendix which is a manual for the software I used.

The main part includes my research, studies and proposals. You can download it here:

Cristobal Negrete …on Augmented Reality (Spanish with quotes and terminology in English, 9mb, 141 pages)

The Second part are appendixes. These are information relevant to the project, not written by me. You can download it here:

…on Augmented Reality – Anexos (English & Spanish, 3mb, 55 pages)

The third and final part is a step by step guide on the use of the ARToolkit as seen in my thesis. This is a single page PDF originally included on a CD with the required software. You can download it here:

…on Augmented Reality – Manual (Spanish, 470kb, single custom sized page)





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